What Jay-Z’s Induction Really Means?

The Songwriters’ Hall of Fame has inducted 423 recipients and Jay-Z is the first rapper to be inducted.  This legendary moment is one many rap fans have been waiting on. The culture of rap has caused lots of controversy, but its impact is undeniable. Jay-Z being inducted represents the constant milestones many within hip-hop are conquering.

Jay-Z’s nominations signifies just how far hip-hop has come and opens the door for others. This induction validates the role of hip-hop as a musical genre. It proves that hip-hop is not just some trend but instead a culture that many children and adults all over the world have been impacted by. Hip-hop has developed a reputation for its raw edge, which has challenged some to view the genre as not “real music.” For several decades people have disregarded the impact of rap music by saying this culture was simply a “ghetto trend.” However, artists like Jay-Z have proved those comments to be untrue by continuing to create music. Many of Jay-Z’s songs have become soundtracks for fans.

jay-z diddy
Jay-Z’s inductions comes just a few days after Diddy is named No. 1 on Forbes’ 2017 Highest Paid Celebrities list.

This induction is one of many accolades on Jay-Z’s long list of accomplishments. He continues to break barriers and set higher standards for rappers. He has continuously pushed the culture forward. Not only is he a rapper, but he is also a musical icon. Moments like this symbolize just how much the genre of hip-hop has grown.

The Songwriters’ Hall of Fame debuted its first class in 1970. When Jay-Z was just a few months old. The Songwriters’ has a long history includes many musical icons such as Prince, Stevie Wonder, Dolly Parton, James Brown, and Diane Warren. In order to qualify for this prestigious honor, you have to have at least 20 years of published notable content.


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